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The INJEC EM2 has in addition to all the features found on the EM1 fuel injection control ECU the capability to fully program your engines ignition system. The reasons for doing this are many but the two most popular ones are..

The engine you have designed has a very different ignition requirement from its original form. A turbo being added to a previously naturally aspirated engine would require a degree of boost retard; this may not be achievable with the factory distributor.
You may have opened up the distributor on your new engine to find that the only thing inside a rotor button or at best some form of trigger and a rotor button. If you are confronted with either of these circumstances all is not lost. The INJEC EM2 is designed to accept a signal from all of the following:

  1. points
  2. inductive trigger
  3. hall effect trigger
  4. optical trigger
  5. crank mounted trigger

In an attempt to maintain cost and understandability we have selected only one coil module from the hundreds that are available. The one we have chosen is the internationally recognised Ford TFI Module. TFI is Ford speak for Thick Film Ignition and no-one in their right mind needs or wants to know what that means.

It is available new for under $100 and has all of the current limiting and dwell control that you Could ask for. In the unlikely event of a failure the module can be purchased anywhere in the world.

Once you have selected the correct trigger type and polarity of sensing (there is plenty of help in the manual) all you do is select your rpm band and enter a light and full load ignition figure in degrees. This is repeatable every 500 rpm from 500 to 10,000 rpm.
The simple fact that the ECU already measures load and other engine operating parameters allows you to have a variable timing versus load and rpm. I.e. Your engine idles well with 18 degrees of advance but pings when you attempt to accelerate. With a normal distributor there is no way to change the response except by disconnecting the vacuum advance unit (if you have one fitted) if not you are going to retard the timing until the pinging stops. Of course the engine may not perform to its optimum if you have just retard the distributor, and thus all the timing 8-10 degrees.

Of course being wise if you opted to purchase the INJEC EM2 and would simply dial up the full load adjustment at say 1000 rpm and set it to a lower number of degrees of advance. This would allow you to set the idle advance required while maintaining the ability to go all the way back to static timing in the blink of any eye.

The ignition timing is of course adjustable in real time; this is to say that while you are setting up the fuel mixtures on the dyno you can also test the results of varying the timing to see what the influence is on apparent a/f ratio. Once you see how easy it is to advance the timing in 1 degree increments until the power increase stops or the engine beings to ping, you will wonder how you spent all that time and money on building an engine and trying to optimise its Performance with a dizzy that had all its advance in by 3400 rpm.


1. inputs points, inductive, hall effect, optical or crank
2. outputs 50% duty cycle square wave 12 volts
3. adjustability -55° (advance) to -1°
4. increments every 1°
5. span the timing vacuum span is the same as the injection span
6. boost retard the EM2 can retard back to your static timing setting. I.e. If you have 34° of advance it can retard back to the static or "0" degrees

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